Stellar Realty Northwest

  • Inventory is extremely low in Portland, which means that bidding wars are fairly common. Many of our clients have told us that they don’t want to get into a bidding war. I understand that bidding wars can be intimidating, but just because there are multiple offers on a property doesn’t mean you have to overpay for it. Bidding wars can be subjective. To see what I mean, watch this short video.

  • We appreciate all of our past clients. As a way of saying thanks, we’d like to offer you some free pie. What could be better than that? But quantities will be limited. We’d love to get the chance to talk and offer you a treat on the house, so make sure you come take advantage on November 18th. For all the details, watch this short video.

  • Many different cryptocurrencies are used to buy things online. However, a lot of them aren’t backed by anything tangible. This is not the case for new cryptocurrencies like Brickcoin and REcoin, which are backed by tangible assets: real estate property. These currencies could be very valuable in the future because they provide both flexibility and liquidity and steady returns. To learn more about real estate cryptocurrencies, watch this short video.

  • Home remodeling makes up a $325 billion market. Many home sellers are realizing that if they make a few fixes before listing, their sale price will be much higher. There are certain improvements that will bring you a better return than others. One is your deck, which typically brings about an 80% return. To learn about four more remodeling projects that will bring a high return, watch this short video.

  • If you have a student loan or are a cosigner on one, listen up. Fannie Mae just introduced three new rule changes that will affect those with student debt. The first change has to do with income-based repayment plans, which is the top reason for not being approved by a mortgage if you have a high debt-to-income ratio. With the new rule change, your ratio will be determined by your monthly payment, not the conservative 1% of the total loan that they were using. To learn more about all of these changes in more detail, watch this short video.