As we move forward into 2014, I wanted to speak with you about accurately pricing your home for sale and why it’s important. Before I get started, I wanted to point out a few of the great features on our blog. If you’re a seller, we have a link for a free, instantaneous home value report. It may not be 100% accurate, but it gives you a wonderful place to start and contains a lot of useful information. As for buyers, we have a home search that utilizes the local MLS which is constantly updated. It also gives you the option to have information sent to you on a daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis.

Pricing a home is somewhat of an art form; you don’t want to price it too low (for obvious reasons) but if you price it too high, you can make one of several mistakes that will hurt your bottom dollar. You could end up with no activity, which forces the home to stay on the market for as little as 30 days, and will generate a much lower offer. We have also seen that the first offer you receive is 90-95% of the time is the best.

That offer could be lower is you had accurately priced the home correctly in the first place. Pricing your home too low also leaves money on the table. It is extremely important for our clients to maximize your hard-earned equity.

Our home evaluation is a great start, but if you would like a more detailed report we would be happy to generate one for you. This will help us see the entire picture before signing off on a recommended value for your property. Thanks and have a great day!