West Linn is located in Clackamas County and it’s where I was born and raised. There are some lovely old homes in this rustic area, and if you’ve never been in the area, I recommend you come and take a look.

Holloran Winery and Oswego Hills Vineyard are popular spots for locals. McMenamins is where I’m shooting this video, and this restaurant was the first brew house in West Linn. Their Sunflower IPA is their signature beer, and this is because their beer garden is lined with sunflowers.

If you come here, you need to see the Williamette Falls. There is an intricate lock system built by the pioneers that settled here, and these falls are the 17th widest in the United States!

West Linn was established back in 1913, and in 2011 CNN and Money Magazine ranked West Linn as the 69th best place to live in America. We were also voted as the top place to live in Oregon!

We are also named ‘Tree City USA’ by the Arbor Day foundation for our commitment to urban forestry. Developers like to come to West Linn and renovate old homes into new and beautiful ones. We are actually doing this right now and will be selling 3,000 sq. ft. homes for about $575,000.

If you want to find out more about West Linn, please don’t hesitate to contact me!